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"Phantom" CB Radio Page

This is an informational website for Citizen Band Radio enthusiast. On this site you can find numerous CB Radio modifications, Mic wiring orders, a Frequency chart, CB 10-codes and Q-codes. You will also find the CB Operators Search Engine and links to many significant, related sites. This site is also an official member of the CB Operators Webring.

    Ch. 35 Regulars in NE Georgia.
  • "Handyman" - President
  • "Lady Midnite" - V. Pres.
  • "Moonshine" - Secretary
  • "Redbird"
  • "Cross-Eyed Rooster"
  • "Pee Wee"
  • "Music Man"
  • "Heavy Chevy"
  • "Sodbuster"
  • "Gabby Hayes"
  • "Coffee Pot"
  • "Ace"
  • "Good Timer" - Deceased 11/01
  • "Curtis Lowe"
  • and of course, myself, The "PHANTOM - 714 Express"
  • just to name a few. There are many more who just drop in and visit us on occasion, but call other channels home. There are many more that call Ch. 35 Home, but don't get on the radio and talk with us on an everyday basis. All are welcome and we're glad to have most, the only rule is to respect everyone else on the channel. That's not asking too much. So come one, come all, and enjoy yourself.

:: 714 Express ::
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